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    The brands we work with

    Success and quality speak for themselves:

    Muskat Technologies is certified by the Standards Institute of Israel and works in compliance with ISO 9001 standard, which indicates that the company meets the quality requirements, defines its work processes, inspects its operations regularly and is open to criticism in order to progress and improve continuously.
    In addition, our company received the Dun & Bradstreet trust seal, which constitutes a token of trust provided to selected companies that meet various strict criteria, including company’ seniority, absence of legal claims, financial integrity, etc.

    Areas of expertise

    Full customization

    Each customer has unique needs. At Muskat Technologies, we carry out a complete characterization of customer's needs, and adjust the work process according to customer’s measurements, specifications and requirements

    Troubleshooting and support around the clock

    Our service, support and consulting are available to provide a quick, comprehensive and professional solution to any problem. The company is well-aware that time is a crucial element in managing a successful enterprise, and therefore, we have the largest and most experienced team of technicians in Israel.

    Exclusive distribution

    Muskat Technologies is the official and exclusive importer of the leading and most innovative brands in the industry

    Spare parts

    We offer our customers an option to purchase spare parts directly from us. We operate a designated warehouse with original spare parts, compatible with all the machines available at our company.

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