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    Second-hand food machines

    Second-hand food machines - cost-effective and affordable choice!

    The dynamics of food product development, innovation, consumer demands, and rapidly changing global consumer trends cause food factories to often change entire production lines or add production chain processes, creating the need for certain pre-budgeted food machines. And because of all these, Musket also has second-hand machines, which also came to them precisely because of the above reasons.

    Second-hand branded food machines

    Muscat Technologies markets second-hand food machines, not only of its brands but in general, but they must be of high quality.

    Musketat imports food machines from the world’s largest manufacturers of giants, most of them from Central Europe such as: Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Belgium and 15 brands such as: KRONEN, OMET, ELLER, ALL ROUND, BILWINCO, FOOD LIFE, GKS, FAM and more .

    The types of food machines reflect what is happening in the field and this is a trend of almost ready-to-eat food products, foods that require only heating or chilled vegetables that also comes chopped in packaging.

    Second-hand packaging machines

    One of the things that characterizes food products today is that they have a long shelf life. What makes it these are the types of packaging made by elaborate packaging machines.

    Musket also has second-hand packaging machines such as vertical machines, thermoforming machines, goblet soldering machines, soldering lids, one desk vacuum and more. The company also markets other packaging machines.